Just a positive poem

What do you seeWhen you look in my eyes?

Do you see tears that were never cried?
What do you hear

When you listen to my voice?

Do you hear the sadness of an unmade choice?
What do you think

When they mention my name?

Do you find me enbarrassing?

Do I put you to shame?
What were your thoughts

When I walked out the door?

Did you think I would fall,

And not soar?
Did you think I would crumble and drop?

Well, those thoughts need to stop,

Because I’m doing better than ever!

Becoming stronger

And more clever.
Next time I come around,

I’ll be skyward bound.

Watch me fly

As I pass you by!

You’ll regret everything: all the lies.

You’ll regret all the pain; all the BS YOU’ve implanted in my brain.
I’ll never be the same.

I have you to blame.

So, I thank you for killing me,

Because actually, you’ve made me stronger.

Keep your memories,

Because the old me is no longer. 


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