Not having A Good Day

I woke up this morning in a great mood. I watched some TV, then got ready for my interview. I got there smoothly; the lady took one good look at me, and my cane and said, “you know this job requires a lot of walking, right?”. I was really annoyed, but I didn’t show it. I simply told her thank you, and have a good day. I went to my aunt’s house to avoid my homelife. That’s fine, my cousin and I went to Duncan Donnuts. 
  Fast forward to later. My best friends are upset with me, maybe they’re joking. It doesn’t seem like it.  Maybe  I’m overthinking it, but what if I’m not? I hate having people mad at me, but whatever, I’ll just stay to myself for a while. Whenever they’re ready to talk, I’ll be here. 


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