My weekend

I can honestly say I had a great weekend! On friday, I got my locs retwisted, and boy, did they retwist them. I left the salon with a headache. Oh, they also styled them.

  That  night, I went to Olive GARDEN with a couple of friends. It was fun, even  though my ride was an hour late, I still managed to get there in enough time, so I didn’t have to vush through my food. I ended up taking most of it home anyway. I had chicken alfredo, and chocolate moose cake. It was “scrum-diddly” as I tell my friends. Lol, don’t ask where I came up with that word, because I don’t know. I ate my cake as a midnight snack, and the rest of my pasta for breakfast.

  Saturday, we celebrated my brother’s birthday. we went to the Golden corral where I had one plate of food, and some dessert. I’m not huge on buffets, particularly that one. Apple pie was my dessert, so all was right with the world.

  Yesterday, I went to a bbq. My  uncle was working, (which meant hanging out with me, and my friends), so that was fun. It was in a huge parn, with different food venders, people selling jewelry, essential oils, and someone giving massages. I bought a body oil, and three packs of wax melts for my candle warmer. The body oil’s called Carmel Rose by Victoria Secret. I bought strawberry, mango pineapple, and pear in the wax melts. I have strawberry going now, but it smells more like vanilla. Iwait to try theothers. 

  The first food vender we went to was horrible. He burned  my burger, and the chicken. AFTER a while, I bought a cartwheel. That’s an ice cream sandwich, but the sandwich part is gram cracker. It was good, but rather messy. For dinner, I had chicken tenders,  and fries.

  That’s pretty much my weekend. I’m so glad everything went smoothly; that’s all I ever want.


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