Parts of My Childhood

I was walking around earlier, getting my day started when some memories came into focus. Vivid, childhood memories. I thought about how I used to foolishly hop around on one foot, swearing up and down that was the hottest new dance move. I remember the first-day-of-school piggyback ride, and running down the stairs so I wouldn’t miss the trolley. Oh, how about the times I rode around with you on pizza deliveries, or driving your limozine around the block. That pizza smelled like happiness, and innocence. It reminds me of before my whole life changed forever. Don’t get me wrong though; I remember the broken promises, and how much they hurt. To this day, I  hate promises. I will not let anyone make them, unless  they  knew  for sure they can come through. Just thought of another good memory, when we got up at 3:00 in the morning to bake brownies. They were yummy, and usually, I try to get all the sleep I can, but there in a snow storm that previous day, so school would open two hours later, and all was right with  the world. You were taking me to school, and I was having a hard time being home, so I  did any, and everything to stay as  far away  as possible. 

  Anyway, those are the thoughts that popped into my head, and I figured I’d share. I’ll be back later with more random thoughts. 


Getting over a cold

I feel way better than I have in the past week, but now my chest kills every time I cough. This cold kicked my behind! Let’s see: it started with a weird cough, then fatigue, stuffy nose, and achy body. I was dizzy somewhere in the beginning of the week. I remember telling my friends that the world seemed upside down. I swear I had/have the flu. I did get some good sleep though. I’m not sure if I want to finish this NyQuil, or let this cold go away on its own. I don’t think I’ve had a cold like this since I was a kid.

Releasing my emotions

I’ve been realizing some things about myself lately. Well, ok, I guess I’ve always known, but it’s almost like I’ve found my voice; like I’m no longer afraid of the truth. I was askf how I feel when I get angry, and what I do to deal with it, and for the longest, I would feel crazy telling people that I just shut down. I guess I was afraid of being misunderstood, but I told someone, and they understood me. Yes, you guys, I’m that weirdo who doesn’t scream, or cry, or punch things to get over whatever’s bothering me. I know it’s weird, but that’s me, and now, I’m trying configure out how to let go of all of this anger. I used to write, but that wasn’t doing it for me anymore, so what do y’all suppose I do?